Writer, Editor, Story Editor, Book ReviewerSarah Parker-Lee is a writer, copyeditor, & story editor for fiction & non-fiction manuscripts & screenplays, as well as a book reviewer for Kirkus Media.

She is the former managing editor of Kite Tales (the California Tri-Regional blog for The Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators) and L.A. regional SCBWI board member. She now lives in Washington state and is a member of the Hilltop Library Planning Committee. A two-time Futurescapes alum, she writes YA sci-fi and fantasy with an emphasis on #OwnVoices disability and mental health.

PharnsworthSarah lives surrounded by trees with her husband Ryan & their cats, Pharnsworth and Tinker. When she has the spoons to spare, she is an avid reader, social justice advocate, superhero aficionado, space nerd, & robot art collector — that’s art depicting robots, not art made by robots.