penandpaperI’ve had many clients & collaborators over the years, including SCBWI’s Kite Tales blog, The Last Bookstore’s Dwarf + Giant blog, The Tiger Frances Foundation,’s Human Trafficking blog, and many others. Here’s what a few of them have to say about my work:

“A lot of folks approach me wanting to write for Dwarf+Giant, but I actually went after Sarah – who I’ve known for a number of years. I did this not just because she’s a writer – which are a dime-a-dozen in LA – but because she’s unfailingly reliable and detail-oriented. When she turns a piece in, she’s already made it perfect. I eventually just gave her behind-the-scenes access, so she could stage her work directly onto our site. I haven’t done that with anyone else. She’s a no fuss contributor and has an original voice.” – Eric Larkin, managing editor of Dwarf+Giant

“Sarah is awesome! I most appreciate her straight forward critique style; kind but thoughtful. She’s definitive about grammar and helpful with suggestions to flush out a stronger organization of the material. She is consistent with character details from scene to scene. And, she stayed on me about “telling-showing” until it sunk in! Sarah works well under time constraints, and stays on the project. She helped me get my work ‘out there’ with confidence.”Laura Fremont, author

“Sarah seamlessly stepped into her role as co-editor of Kite Tales with efficiency and professionalism. I’m proud to say she is taking the blog to new heights!”Beth Navarro, author and former editor of Kite Tales

“Working with Sarah is delightful. She’s a dependable and organized project lead and her creativity extends well beyond the cleverness of her copy.” Lindsay Brayden Ellis, former collaborator (director/producer) at Eyes of the World Media Group

“Sarah is a complete pleasure to work with. And she does a phenomenal job to boot. We at The Tiger Frances Foundation brought her on board to revamp our website. Not only did she get it up and running on time and looking fabulous, she brought wonderful ideas to the table to make it distinct and bring it up to date. Sarah is positive, punctual, detail oriented, trustworthy, sharp and has an extremely solid work ethic.” – Jude McVay, The Tiger Frances Foundation


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