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MANUSCRIPT SERVICES: Proofreading, Line-By-Line Copyediting, Story Editing


Your book or manuscript needs a final pass for typos, cosmetic errors, spelling mistakes, and minor grammatical errors. This service is best for content that has already been copyedited and/or gone through an extensive critique or workshop phase and needs some polish.

  • $25 base rate for 250 words or less (approximately one page); $0.01 per additional word.

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Line-by-Line Copyediting:

Your book or manuscript requires assistance with style, formatting, and accuracy – i.e. no inconsistencies, style flows well, it’s grammatically correct, and your overall narrative is clear/easy to follow. This service is best for content that has had some basic workshopping or other input from beta readers and is close to completion. Includes Proofreading. Comments pointing out inconsistencies, need for clarifications, etc. will be left for you in the “margins” of your file to address these issues. Rate is:

  • Picture Book: $75 base rate for 1200 words or less; $0.02 per additional word.
  • Novel/Screenplay: $150 base rate for 2500 words or less (approximately the first 10 pages); $0.02 per additional word.
  • Other: Please contact me with details regarding your project for an estimate.

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Story Editing, or “Deep Copyediting:”

Your book or manuscript requires additions, rewriting, fact-checking, or re-structuring of content. Perhaps you are working on an early draft and your narrative has become muddled or you’re on draft 12 and you can’t figure out why it isn’t working. If your dialogue isn’t working, your characters are not hitting their marks, or you’re having trouble connecting the acts in your narrative, this service is for you. Prior to beginning the work, we will discuss what it is you’re looking for and what specific areas you feel require the most attention. Includes Proofreading and Copyediting. Specific comments and suggestions will be left for you on your document and you will also receive a “general notes” document with suggestions, questions, and notes about your project as a whole regarding what works, what doesn’t, and why.

  • $250 base for the first 2500 words or less (approximately the first 10 pages); $0.04 per additional word.
  • NOTE: If you’ve gone through copyediting with me already and decide you would like story editing to address issues highlighted by that process, what you’ve paid for copyediting will count toward your charge for content editing. I.e. you’ve paid $300 for copyediting, your final story editing charge will be minus $300.

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COPYWRITING & COPYEDITING SERVICES INCLUDE: Websites, Blog and Online Articles, Newsletters, Marketing Materials

Website Copy:

Content written for your website, including descriptions of your services and products, employee bios, company history, company news, promotional information, and more.

Landing Page: This is the first page your clients and potential clients see when viewing your website. If you don’t grab them here, you won’t grab them at all. Your landing page requires extensive strategy and planning on my part and yours to get it just right. $550 for 500 words or less.

Additional Pages: Additional pages include anything outside of the landing page. $100 per page. 1 page = 250 words or less.

If your project requires more than 5 pages, a flat project rate may be negotiated at your request.

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Blog or Online Article Copy:

A well-written, researched, article or blog post for your website or online publication with minimal proofreading required.

500 words or less:

  • Delivered as an MS Word File, no images: $65.
  • Delivered as an MS Word File with 1-3 “Creative Commons” licensed images: $90.

501-1000 words:

  • Delivered as an MS Word File, no images: $100.
  • Delivered as an MS Word File with 1-3 “Creative Commons” licensed images: $125.

1001 words or more: rates determined on a project by project basis. Please contact me with more information about your needs.

If you need me to post and/or schedule your blog or article directly within your platform, additional fees apply.

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Newsletter Copy:

A well-written, researched, article, blurb, or full copy for your newsletter with minimal proofreading required. Client will be responsible for providing any client-specific information required in said content. Any content requiring interviews or subject expertise may incur additional fees.

Newsletter Articles, 500 words or less:

  • Delivered as an MS Word File: $125.
  • Delivered in your Newsletter format: $175

501 words or more: rates determined on a project by project basis. Please contact me with more information about your needs.

Newsletter blurbs, layout, template design, etc. rates vary. Please contact me with your specific needs.

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Marketing Materials:

Because marketing needs and strategies vary from client to client, we will need to discuss your project before I can give you an exact quote. However, my rates generally fall within the ranges below. Packages for multiple or repeating services can be negotiated upon request.

  • Brochure copy, small: (two- or three-panel): $800-$1,600
  • Brochure copy, full-size: (two- or three-panel): $950-$2,500
  • Brochure copy, multi-page: (up to 8 pages with cover): $1,800-$3,500
  • Brochure copy, large: (8-16 pages with cover): $2,000-$4,500 and up
  • Brochure insert copy: $200-$1,000 each
  • Direct mailer copy: $1,500-$1,800 each for concept and copy
  • Direct mail postcard: $200-$550 each
  • Direct mail letter: $200-$1,000 each
  • Direct mail campaign: $600-$1,250 each based on three pieces
  • Copy editing: $120/ 500 words
  • Email copy: $300-$600each
  • Email campaign: (3 or more): $500-$800 each
  • Folder with three to five single-sheet inserts: $1,600-$3,500
  • Press release: $250-$800
  • Press release, with online distribution: $300-$950
  • Sales letter or email copy: $400-$1,000 each

Contact me for more info or for a project-specific quote. Flat-rates may be available.

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For additional, or content-specific, writing samples, please contact me.
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